Love your life heal your life

This program was conducted by Ms. Shobana, our guest speaker.the talk was highly enlightening.Because body and mind are connected, illness of the body have their root cause in emotional and spiritual aspects of mind.If we are willing to do the mental work almost anything can be healed.Most of our physical illness can be traced back to mental stress and faulty eating habits.Holistic approach to life is the answer to all our illness and this was beautifully explained by our guest speaker who is a renowned specialist in alternate medicine.

August 15th 2015 Wellness camp
in confirmation of our village adoption project,a mega health camp w as held on 15082014.
Around 150women were examined by a panel of specialists and supported by volunteers from Madurai institute Of social work . The women were screened for diabetes, hypertension, bone mineral density, Pap smear ( for cervical cancers ) breast examination etc. the results were handed over to them at the end of the camp.appropriate counselling was also provided based on their test reports follow up of the cases were also done.

Thaneer Sevai

The school children pour the leftover water from water bottles in drums while leaving the school . Water
collected in drums will be used for watering the plants in the School Premises.