Centenary year of Soroptimist International

Soroptimist International reaches a milestone in its history as it celebrates its 100 Years of Service and it is celebrating its centenary year in 2021. The first club was started in 1921 in Oakland, California.

One of the first major projects undertaken by the Oakland club concerned the environment with legislative advocacy to “Save the Redwoods” – the great ancient trees that were felled unmercifully. Soroptimists lobbied the legislature, took on the powerful lumber companies and gained public support for the project. The result was that the major portion of the redwoods was set aside in a protected reserve and still stands today.

The grove consisting of 40 acres of old growth redwood, fir and other species of trees was purchased for 10,000 pounds. The club donated 5000 pounds with the state of California matching that amount and the redwood forests were subsequently bought by the Soroptimists.

To commemorate the centenary celebrations, the centenary committee has two fabulous campaigns planned.

  1. “Who is she”-? Identifying 100 soroptimists , past and present who have made a noteworthy contribution to society which in turn will  raise the profile of the  organisation.
  2. “Planting Trees for a Brilliant Future” to coincide with the first project done by Soroptimist International in 1921.

SI Madurai has taken the lead by having our Miyawaki project put up as the first project on the centenary website.

Please click on the link below :

Plant a tree so the next generation can get air for free

Trees are part and parcel of earthly life. Trees keep up the ecological balance, they taken in co2 and release oxygen, they offer us cool shade, they are the sources of many supply life  saving drugs, they prevent land erosion and guard us against pollution , they are the natural habitats of many animals , birds and insects, the fruits and  nuts are food sources for mankind and animals. The list is endless.

Save environment should be the mantra of each and everyone today. There is a very high awareness to this but what is needed now is”Action” and “Speed” as time is running out.

This is what we at SI Madurai have set out to do.  Planting trees by the Miyawaki method allows for planting more number of trees in small spaces, which need minimum maintenance , they grow faster and are free from chemicals and fertilisers.