Miyawaki Project and Follow up – 5th June 2016

Under our ongoing project on Environment Day June 5th 2016, “Green Umbrella” –
We adopted Miyawaki method of planting trees. Environment day 2016 was celebrated on a grand
scale by SI Madurai at Mahatma School, Alagarkoil branch on Saturday, 4th June 2016.
Mrs. Premalatha Paneerselvam, head principal, gathered together 10th and 12th std. students of K.K.
Nagar, Alagarkoil, Baba building and CBSE school branches. The children also brought out the
importance of good environment practices through miming, discussion and songs.
On environment day 2016, we planted 350 saplings of hardy trees like Pungam, Sal, Sorgam,
Kodmbu, Gulmohar, Vengai, Iyalvagai, Karumarudhu, Sivakundalam and Naatuvagai. Of this 200
saplings were donated from the SI club and 150 saplings by Mrs. Mehrun Ismail and friends. The
trees have been planted using the Japanese method called Miyawaki, in pursuit of creating a mini
rain forest.
Another project which is Thaneer Sevai was also initiated on the same day, 2 drums with taps
ware provided to the school, so that children can pour their leftover drinking water from their water
bottles, which will be used to water plants and trees in the campus.

Miyawaki Method:
· Pit dug for 80 feet length and 10 feet width of 2/2 feet depth
· After 15 days, leafy debris and starter powder was filled and closed.
Starter powder (Organic enzymes) helps in decaying process of leafy debris
which is naturalmanure.
Watering for Miyawaki Method:
· Once every week for 3 months
· Once every 15 days for 1 month
· n Once every month for 1 mo th.