September 14th 2014 Charter Day Anniversary

The highlight of the evening was the two young girls conversing in English, trained by our Si members Anita and Jayanthi in just 18 days! This was one of our projects.
” SI Madurai Fund for Empowerment through Education “
Scholarship money was handed over to the girls of Meenakshi College Madurai
The highlight of every charter day celebrations of Si Madurai is the recognition of one outstanding woman from in and around the Madurai district who has contributed greatly to the cause of women.this year the award was presented to a very dynamic lady. In the eyes of this determined woman, you can surely sense the burning fires of a lifelong passion and commitment to women’s causes. Her steely determination not to compromise on any issues that impacts women’s lives, bursts forth In every word and action of “the Iron Butterfly of Madurai . She is Ms. Bimla Chandrasekhar of EKTA trust.