Women Psychology

Seminar on “Women Psychology”

The June meeting began on a very colourful note, SI members wearing different shades
of green, looked vibrant! And ready to carry home green memories of the workshop to be conducted
by Rev. Fr.Wilson, director ofAnugraha institute on women psychology.

The seminar on “Psychology of Women” offered a remarkable opportunity to develop
a strong personal understanding of the glories of womanhood. The seminar was simple but highly
active, and experiential, filled with dynamic instruction, activities, and learning, providing women
with thought-leading and cutting edge content, in a friendly atmosphere. It helped to understand the
psychology of women, gain new insights, and rediscover individual’s inner resources. The seminar
focussed on women’s illnesses, health, emotions, mind faculties, self-esteem, relationship and
women empowerment. There was a session on exercises for health and happiness appropriate for all
girls and women above 15 years who are concerned about physical, psychological and emotional
growth. On the whole, the seminar on “Psychology of Women” helped to learn some key success
strategies that differentiate “reactive” women performers from “proactive” women achievers and

The seminar was well attended and well received. Fr. Wilson talk aimed at healing the
inner mind, healing childhood memories, trauma of life, dealing with anger issues. He also stressed
on methods to enhance women to improve their relationship with their spouses, children and at the
workplace. His power point presentation gave exhaustive information on woman physiology, yoga
and ayurveda. Making the session interactive and interesting with songs and group activities and
simple yoga postures. He talked a lot on the importance of natural foods that tone the mind and body,
and concluded with a group dance for united collective coherent movements.

Members and guests were receptive and benefitted. Members enjoyed the two hour
session with two breaks in between to lighten and refresh. This programme was a part of the June
monthly meeting. It was held at the exotic residence of SI member Mrs. Lakshmi Murugesan, along
with Mrs. Rukmini Palanivelrajan as the co-host. The ambiance was relaxing and de-stressing, it was
a fun filled day and a nice learning experience.
Date : 8th June 2019 – 10 AM
Venue: Residence of Smt. Lakshmi Murugesan, Madurai
Hosts : Smt. Rukmani Palanivelrajan, Smt. Lakshmi Murugesan
Resource Person: Rev. Fr. Wilson, Director